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Tako Agency
Tako Agency

Rocklin, CA

We are a design & development agency helping businesses scale and grow to their full potential. Focused on Shopify, WordPress, and Mobile Apps.

development, graphic design, mobile, mobile app ui, mobile application development, mobile interface, project management, shopify, shopify development, user experience (ux), visual identity design

  1. Milestone Motivator Shopify App app typography illustration shopify design website
  2. Tako Agency - About Us Page minimal mobile web website ui branding shopify icon illustration design
  3. Tako Agency - Our process ui ux branding website shopify web design
  4. Tako Agency 404 page ux branding shopify website web 404 design
  5. Tako Agency Website illustration shopify ui ux branding website web design
  6. Sparetoolz - Peer-to-Peer Neighborhood Tool Rental App- logo icon web app branding ui ux design
  7. Cup and Leaf Tea ui shopify branding website web design
  8. InVision Extension by Tako Agency #4 on Product Hunt branding website web logo icon design
  9. InVision Chrome Extension website app illustration icon design
  10. Sparetoolz - Homepage shopify ui branding icon website ux web design
  11. Sparetoolz - Peer-to-Peer Neighborhood Tool Rental App logo icon app branding design ux ui
  12. Jordana Cosmetics shopify website ux ui design
  13. DIY Shopify Admin Store Guide web design icon shopify
  14. Taku Store Homepage (Mobile) shopify logo icon website ui web ux design
  15. Homeschool Outerwear Homepage (Mobile) branding icon website ui ux web design
  16. Taku Store Product Page type branding website web ui ux design
  17. Taku Store Homepage branding website web ui ux design
  18. Homeschool Outerwear Product Page website web ux ui design
  19. Homeschool Outerwear Homepage branding website web ux ui design
  20. Enticing Trees Product Page branding website web ui ux design
  21. Enticing Trees Homepage branding web website design ui ux
  22. Tako Agency Homepage branding web website ui ux design
  23. Tako Agency Shopify Development website web ui ux design
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